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Hi I'm Darrell. Welcome to my website. I created it myself in order to showcase some of my work in web design and graphic art.

I first started dabbling in web design 14 years ago when lay outs were still routinely done with html tables. A lot has changed since then.

My original motivation for learning web design was for displaying the best of my photography to as wide an audience as possible.

My love of photography eventually lead me to Photoshop. Photoshop in turn sparked within me a passion for digital art. I also learned how to work with Adobe Illustrator so I could begin to master vector arwork and graphic design as well.

I earned a Certificate in Web Development and Multimedia Studies from UBC a few years back but so far web and graphic design have been a hobby for me, not an occupation.

Like so many people I've found a way to share my interests with others via the web.

At least once a year I rebuild my website(s) and use new skills I've learned to ensure that I'm up on the latest site building technologies. Making websites for the sake of making websites is fun for me.

I love the web for allowing me to express my artistic aspirations and for giving me the opportunity to be a participant in the ever evolving world of web design.

I look forward to following new web technologies for years to come.

If you have any feedback about this website or in any of my online work I would like to hear from you.

I hope you like my site. Thanks for visiting.


My Other Websites

You can check out my other websites by clicking or tapping the logo images below.

The second website - roving-camera.com - is a WordPress portfolio site that presents a sample of some of my travel photography. My favourite thing is to travel the world, take photos and eventually post the best ones online.

The third site is rain-town.com and it displays some of the street photography I've taken in Vancouver since I moved here back in 1998. I don't get out in the streets of Vancouver with my camera as much as I used to but that could change. Street photography remains one of my favourite genres.

I built my newest website with Twitter Bootstrap. It showcases some of the black and white photos I took of Art Deco architecture in Rome back in 2006.


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Portfolio of Graphic Art

Below is a sampling of some of my work in digital art and graphic design. I was not paid to create any of them. They're all personal projects I made with Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Aero Make Your Move I've Got A Right To Sing The Blues The Deep Seeing With Science Rondo Adapt And Keep Learning Lucre Study In Blue Club 3 and a Third Majority Rules Buckin Graphic Art Snap Shots Three Squared Websites For The Proletariat Swiss Style Poster planar The Diver Happy Days With Our Friends

Social Media Links

You can view more of my work in graphic art and photography at the following sites:

  • link to my Flickr page
  • link to my Twitter page
  • link to my JPG Magazine page
  • link to Pinterest page

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